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WE MUST STEP UP AND SPEAK OUT! The Wind Industry has public relations professionals working overtime in a desperate campaign to keep the public in the dark about the dismal realities of wind generated power. Only recently have the media in Maine have started publicly questioning the pie-in-the-sky lies presented by the wind developers and politicians. Our persistent barrage of letters to the editor and opinion pieces are making a difference and we need your help to maintain it.

Email or write a letter to our local and state politicians. Don’t be intimidated – these politicians work for you!

Email or write a letter to newspaper editors around the state. We must make them aware of the research that proves that wind generated energy is a failed technology. They have the power to inform the public.

Most newspapers require your name, full address, and daytime phone number with a letter (if your letter is published; only your name and town will be printed).

Here are some issues you might address in your letters:

*   Huge costs to the taxpayers
*   Absurd tax credits to the Wind Developers
*   A failed technology proven not to provide reliable energy
*   Lowered property values
*   Environmental destruction
*   Adverse effects on tourism and the local economy
*   Decreased quality of life for the community
*   Needless destruction of Maine's Quality of Place

Writing a letter or email to a newspaper, magazine, radio station or politician takes only a few minutes but can have a major impact. Feel free to use any information you find on our website to help you. If you feel the way we do, that the people of Maine have been deceived and taken advantage of, make your opinion heard! We've compiled the following email addresses to make it easier for you.

Print Media
Lincoln News 207-794-6532
Bangor Daily News Kevin Miller 207-990-8250
Bangor Daily News Nick Sambides 207-794-8215
Bangor Daily News Submit News Tip 800-432-7964
Bangor Daily News Susan Young 207-990-8203
Portland Press-Herald Beth Quimby 207-791-6363
Portland Press-Herald Bill Nemitz 207-791-6323
Portland Press-Herald Greg Kesich  
Portland Press-Herald John Richardson 207-791-6324
Portland Press-Herald Matt Wickenheiser 207-791-6316
Portland Press-Herald Tux Turkel 207-791-6462
State Government      
Office of the Governor Gov. Paul LePage 207-287-3531
Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) Comm. Patricia Aho 207-287-5842
DEP (Bowers Project) Jessica Damon 207-446-1216
Attorney General William J. Schneider 207-626-8800
Council on Quality of Place Linda C. LaPlante 207-287-2456
District 11 Beth Turner 207-287-1440
District 29 Kevin L. Raye 207-287-1500
Federal Government      
U.S. House of Reps Rep Chellie Pingree (D)   207-774-5019
U.S. House of Reps Rep Mike Michaud (D)   207-942-6935
U.S. Senate Sen Olympia Snowe (R)   207-874-0883
U.S. Senate Sen Susan Collins (R)   207-945-0417
Broadcast Media      
MPBN A.J. Higgins 800-884-1717
MPBN Jim Dowe  
MPBN Keith Shortall  
MPBN Susan Sharon 800-884-1717
MPBN Radio Newsroom   207-874-6570
WABI TV News Tips 207-947-8321
WAGM TV Jon Gulliver 207-764-4461
WCSH TV News Tips 207-828-6630
WGAN ("Ken and Mike") Mike Violette  
WGME TV News Tips 207-797-1313
WLBZ TV News Tips 207-942-4821
WMTW TV News Tips 207-248-6397
WVII TV News and Stories 207-945-6457